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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I have to insert your script onto my website?
2. How many free ad impressions do I get for my site, and how do you calculate them?
3. How do I create a banner ad, and how big should it be?
4. Will this banner service slow down my website and alienate visitors?
5. Can I join the Banner-Index without placing any advertising on my website?
6. Can I place my html code on different url then listed under my account? 
7. What is the approximate chance that the ad I'm showing on my site will be to a paid sponsor?
8. Can I decide which banner ads appear on my website and where my ads appear?
9 How does your banner exchange website make money?
10. I bought some advertising from your service, why does my credit card say 2checkout
11. Will you be showing links to casinos and porn sites on my site like some other banner networks?
12. How can I keep track of how many times my ads are displayed and how many ads I earned?


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